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PARFUM DE REVOLTE (Arabic collection)

Dhs. 27,000.00

The true meaning of these layeredtransparent film prints, encased inclear plexiglass boxes, becomesapparent only if you give each imagethe careful consideration it deserves.Suddenly this object of beauty anddesire assumes a far more sinisterpersonality. The artist’s intention is to draw ourcollective attention to the West’sunderlaying intention for launchingwars, consumerization of the...

The true meaning of these layered
transparent film prints, encased in
clear plexiglass boxes, becomes
apparent only if you give each image
the careful consideration it deserves.
Suddenly this object of beauty and
desire assumes a far more sinister

The artist’s intention is to draw our
collective attention to the West’s
underlaying intention for launching
wars, consumerization of the conflict
zones and the imposition of a Western
culture of heightened consumerism
onto cultures foreign to it.

With elegance and subtlety Hayat
points to these various forms
of colonization using instantly
recognizable imagery and allowing
the viewer to complete the narrative
without a single superfluous word.(KN)

Digital prints on transparent
film, burnt and encased in
plexiglass boxes
15 x 20 x 6 cm,
edition of 20
© Hayat 2015

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