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Copy of LAMES DE FOND (suicide blades)

Dhs. 25,000.00

YVES HAYAT • LAMES DE FOND (suicide blades) Installation of largealuminium plates, .On each cut like Giletteblade is reproduced afamous suicide that in itsown way touched the bottomof his inner prison: Mishima,Marilyn, Kurt Cobain, VanGogh, Hemingway, Freud,Stefan Zweig, Jim Morrisson,Amy Winehouse, JimMorrisson, Primo Levi,Virginia Woolf, ... and manyothers   Inkjet...

YVES HAYAT • LAMES DE FOND (suicide blades)

Installation of large
aluminium plates, .
On each cut like Gilette
blade is reproduced a
famous suicide that in its
own way touched the bottom
of his inner prison: Mishima,
Marilyn, Kurt Cobain, Van
Gogh, Hemingway, Freud,
Stefan Zweig, Jim Morrisson,
Amy Winehouse, Jim
Morrisson, Primo Levi,
Virginia Woolf, ... and many


Inkjet print on brushedaluminum
plate, shaped
Edition of 6 + 2ap
© hayat 2020

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