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1001 Floating Stories

1001 Floating Stories

1001 Floating Stories

PHOTOGRAPHY: Architecture Digest Art of Dining Event

1001 Floating Stories
a dining concept

ARTERNATIVE SPACE & LMB has commissioned a renowned Middle Eastern artist to present ‘1001 Floating Stories’, a dining concept based on the mythical tales of ‘A Thousand and One Nights’; the newly published book by TASCHEN

‘1001 Floating Stories’ is an experience that will transport you back centuries and enter you into the world of enchanting fairy tales and fantastical stories described between the pages of the book.

Submerged in thousands of floating glasses will be images from the magical fairy tales and mythical, haunting worlds read about in A Thousand and One Nights – from rare flowers to handsome Arabian Princes, Genie’s and Horsemen; entirely transforming the table into an installation in homage to the significant folk tales. ‘1001 Floating Stories’ brings the artist’s inspirations to life in a whimsical, extraordinary and multi-sensory experience.

The Mood and Visual
The images submerged within each of the 1001 floating glasses will be original images, created especially for the experiential event by the artist. The table will be atop a platform, giving diners the feeling of them floating on cloud 9.

Published by Taschen for the first time ever is Kay Nielsen’s ‘A Thousand and One Nights’. This unique presentation of fine art prints revives all 21 strikingly beautiful illustrations reproduced directly from Nielsen’s original watercolors − the only complete set of his beloved illustrations to have survived.